Vehicle Accidents

A serious injury or a life-impacting disability can result from a motor vehicle accident in an instant. Being injured or disabled means frustration, but it doesn’t have to ruin your life.

Whether you drive an automobile, truck or motorcycle, or you’ve been hit on your bike or by a bus or semi while walking, Scott Bowen’s team of legal experts has you covered. With over twenty years of experience with motor vehicle accidents, and a great track record dealing with accidents, going with Scott Bowen ensures you’ll get a team that cares about you and your settlement.

We believe you shouldn’t have to handle things on your own. That’s why our team manages your whole car accident case, from personal, medical, financial to vocational, just to make sure you continue to live your life as normally as possible. Our vehicle accident team can help you recover compensation for medical or disability expenses, lost wages, suffering and other car accident-related injuries.

I have had the opportunity to have Scott represent me on two different occasions.  The first time was a simple “fender bender” and it went as smooth as possible.  Unfortunately, a few years later I was in a horrible head-on collision and I knew I would need Scott in my corner.  Scott and his staff took fantastic care of me making sure all of my legal matters were handled.  He was also instrumental in getting me in touch with other professionals I would need throughout the process of the lawsuit from therapists, to income analysts to physicians.  Scott was available anytime I had a question, he frequently checked in on me and always took time to explain the process and my options.  Scott provided me with expert opinions and gave me the “heads-up” on what to expect from each meeting.  This was particularly helpful when we were confronted by an over zealous defense attorney and during arbitration.
I have had the opportunity to recommend Scott a number of times over the years and I will continue to do so.  I will always be grateful for his counsel during a difficult time and I consider him my friend. –JT

A few yeas ago I was involved in a serious injury auto collision. The at fault driver was uninsured and there was not enough insurance to cover the costs for my injuries. I was hurt and unsure about what was next.  I was referred to Mr. Bowen for legal advice. This was very fortunate for me because he took my case without requiring fees.  With his thoughtful advice and careful handling I was able to get compensated for my injuries and move forward from this incident. -SR

It is with great fondness and gratitude that we recall our time spent with Mr. Bowen. When my daughter was hit by another driver whose insurance company refused liability for, Scott came very highly recommended. He guided us and was the driving force behind the entire arbitration process, while ensuring my daughter received the appropriate medical care and compensation. Additionally, Scott represented my son, who was hit by a drunk driver and as a result suffered an unusual injury. Through Scott's tenure, experience and guidance, he received extraordinary medical care. It is rare to meet a person who possesses such a personable manner, great integrity and fortitude. His role in my children's auto accidents was integral to receiving proper medical care and compensation and we will always be thankful for his work. – CR

I came to Scott for help in a no fault rear end injury accident.  As a busy Microsoft Executive that was in a lot of pain I knew I needed a trusted advisor to guide me through the legal processes of dealing with insurance companies.  As someone who is extremely busy I realized that my focus needed to be on healing and that Scott's focus needed to be on ensuring that I could get the treatment I needed. – MF

We are so grateful that we found Scott Bowen to help us after our son was injured. The driver at fault was underinsured, so the case was complicated by having to deal with the other insurance company as well as with our own insurance. Thanks to Scott, our son received the full amount of the driver-at-fault's policy limit and a healthy additional sum through our own insurance company's underinsured motorist coverage that it takes a great lawyer to collect. Scott is a great guy who treated our son like he'd known him all his life, which made the process so much more comfortable. He kept us informed at every step and fought hard for our son's benefit. Nobody can undo a long-term injury, but at least those two settlements gave our son the money to help pay for college. Thank you, Scott.
P.S. Surprisingly, we learned of Scott from our own insurance agent, who whispered to us how impressed she had been with his handling of her daughter's injury case. Hope we can pass it forward! –P&SA

I was just thinking about you this morning and wanted to send a quck email about your representation for my accident case.

I was very happy to have had you as my Attorney during the whole process from start to finish. Scott very much showed a genuine interest in my well being and concern to the best recovery possible after my injury.  I felt more like a friend that he cared about than just an attorney looking for the monetary payment.  I was treated extremely well and would in the future call Scott for any of my legal consultation needs.


Recent Settlements
Automobile Accident- Lower back injuries and surgery – Litigation settlement $485,000.00.
Automobile Accident caused by drunk driver - Litigation settlement $800,000.00.
Automobile Accident – Mild brain injury and broken nose – Litigation settlement $650,000.00.
Automobile Accident – Broken clavicle and knee injury – Insurance Settlement $175,000.00.
Automobile Accident – Soft tissue injuries in neck and back – Jury award $145,769.00.
Automobile Accident - Knee injury and surgery – Insurance settlement $210,000.00.
Automobile Accident – Back injury requiring injections – Litigation settlement $250,000.00.
Semi-Truck Accident – Soft tissue and psychological injuries – Insurance settlement $60,000.00.
Semi-Truck Accident – Broken ribs and concussion – Litigation settlement $185,000.00.
Bicycle Accident – Broken leg – Insurance settlement $220,000.00
Pedestrian Accident – Non surgical back injury – Insurance settlement $250,000.00.  Underinsured motorist claim pending.
Motorcycle Accident- Foot and leg injuries – Insurance settlement $250,000.00.
Motorcycle Accident – Knee and foot injuries – Insurance settlement $400,000.00.
Motorcycle Accident – Knee sprain and lacerations – Litigation settlement $100,000.00.
Motorcycle Accident – Contusions and soft tissue injuries – Litigation settlement $53,000.00.